Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A day w Jean kuah

Went to meet Jean kuah a good buddy of mine at Bugis ! I was Kinda famished so we settled  for something light first as it was only 4.30pm! We had mushroom teriyaki pizza at .... Look at the pic for the restaurant name 
Usually I don't eat pizza ! But due to my hunger , I ordered it ! It was scrumptious ! 
I will definitely go back again ! Immediately after this , we headed off to vivo city ! I met my customer sheril there ! Wow she looked really tall n pretty! She bought so many holographic stuffs from me n still wanted more ! After the meetup, Jean gave me a treat at Asian kitchen ! Thank u for the meal :) Hahahhaa ! 
Woohoo ! Guess what I received from jean today? Is an immortal puppy! I love it! Somehow the eyes look like mine ! Thank u :)
I love cards ! 你知道吗?very nice handwriting :) thank u :) I always smile whenever I receive a dog plushie or card! 

I m pretty tired today so going to turn in for the night ! 

Oyasuminasai!!! 晚安😃😍

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