Thursday, 28 November 2013

Filming course by Jteam

Konnichiwa !!!a very good morning to all my friends .....
Recently I filmed a short clip w my online customers ! I have not uploaded on YouTube yet ! Hmm , I am afraid I may disappoint my viewers though the "actresses" had put in a lot of effort! Pardon me becoz I am a novice in film making but is my passion one day to produce a nice clip on YouTube !i am reluctant to upload becoz I felt it wasn't good enough ! Hope my viewers can accept my boring plot! The reason I made this clip : to let my followers watch n answer quizzes to win discount voucher for my Xmas flea ! I know there is a lot of room for improvement , do give me some encouragement ! I wish to be like Ryan higa one day muahhahahhaa ( not so easy of coz I know ) ! I love watching his clips on YouTube !! Hehe!I m his fan.
Hahahaha.. give me half a year alright? i promise to be better..., I signed up for a filming course yesterday w Jteam academy n the course will commence in February next year ! Hope I show some improvement in half a year !

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