Sunday, 20 July 2014

Thank u note

I would like  to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting my eight GSS launches ! 

I am very happy of my sales and it actually spur me to do better in the coming months n future ! I don't know how long this support will last but still I have to thank everyone ! I love this job v much now ! To be honest , it is more tiring than teaching !! I do not know why ! Perhaps by looking at computer n hp almost every min n hour is draining I guess ! My biz travel can also be tiring ! U may not know that when I was in china , I usually walk a v long distance !! How long ?( the distance from yishun northpoint to sembawang shopping centre to purchase items ) ! The reason why I rarely take transport in china is I am afraid I may meet some crappy people ! I am not condemning china but just to be safe ! But of coz after purchasing the items , I would take a cab back which cost me about 20Rmb! My helper who is my ex pupil 's mum ( known me for almost 15 years if I m not wrong ) said I look healthier radiant  now ! Coz I have been in air con area for almost 22 years n did not do much exercise ! Muhahahha !! This job I get to walk around n travel a lot ! I really enjoyed it !!! Hmm maybe u think I earn a lot from this job , which is wrong !!! Totally wrong ! I earn many times more from my teaching ! But I m "sick" of teaching now !i used to be vv hardworking when I teach primary six kids ! I would give them extra lessons everyday without extra charge before their exam ! That is how hardworking I m n ALSo devoted to my job ! But now I have lost that passion ! Though I earn lesser now , I still enjoy my job ! I have met a lot of friends online all over sg !! And again mostly are kids ! They have also become my friends ! Sometimes they also love to chat w me ! Hahha ! Typing on the hp is Vvv tiring for my fingers n hands honestly!! Omg

I don't know how long my love for this online selling will last ! But I enjoy it at the moment !!! Thank u everyone for loving me n supporting me !! Ur feedbacks n reviews are so heartwarming :) love u many many from my heart !!! 

With lots of love from me , 

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