Monday, 7 July 2014

Fourth GSS launch

Everything at $8.80 in this launch ! I love this cap I am wearing ! $8.80! Pikachu ones have the most insrocks coz I think is the most popular among others ! I should say this hat is v cheap leh ! N the quality is good ! 
Craftholic pencil case now at $8.80 each ! Insrocks 4 each for each designs 

M&m top ( good quality, I bet u cannot buy this at $8.80 elsewhere ) ( Ptp : 55cm n down 52cm) 
(Ptp-44cm down 62cm) 


Payment has to be made by tmr  to enjoy free postage !! For every $25 spent in this collection/launch , u get a free my little pony wallet ! 
Enjoy shopping ! 

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