Monday, 21 July 2014

Reviews/feedbacks of Yumi aka jiamin

Hi friends .... Today I bring to u a new face from lovelyitems ---- Yumi aka Siow jiamin !!!
( how this dress? Nice mah ? Launching soon !) 

As requested by jiamin to write a review on her , I have kept my promise ! Actually I m lazy to pen down ! Well ..... So last sat I met up w this pretty lady for a shoot at Sentosa for my launch ! We took a cab from sengkang mrt ! Oh ya , I have to say this , jiamin hor no patience leh ! We were first in the queue at the taxi stand  n yet she whipped out her phone and called for the taxi ! Aiyo gal , can't u wait ???? Be patient ! Call for what leh ? Can't u save money for me too ? Muahhahaa ! I m the one footing the bill !!! Also ask my permission first mah , not that I am stingy !! I m v generous de !! I want to save on unnecessary stuffs to save more money to buy gifts mah !! :)

1. Not v patient leh 

Well let's talk about the shoot at sentosa ! We reached the casino ! And without delay , jiamin changed into my clothing ! She is real fast Lah ! Like some magician , can change from one apparel to another ! This is what I like about her !! Swift n could give me nice poses !!! 

2. Nice poses , no wasting of time

We went to carpark , toilet to take pics for ur info !!! U know she is not paiseh u know ! I feel abit awkward actually ! But I like this part of her !! Brave n bo chap of what others think about her ! Imagine, if u were the one , would u want to shoot at the toilet !! ?????won't u feel weird ?? 
Show u a pic here 

3. Brave n oblivious of the surrounding n people judgement of her !! I like this side of her ! 

4. Like a chameleon ! When I requested for a cool bold look , she is able to give me ! So I like this part ! And she pulls off my clothings damn well Lah !! V satisfied ! My expectation is v high de for ur info ! 
5. The weather was kinda hot but she did not complain much ! She continued her shoots after taking half an hour of rest ! She is full of vigor !! 

6. Queer person but funny person ! The way she talks is a bit strange strange type but u will probably laugh being w her ! End year kids are like this ! I taught many year end kids before ! 

After the shoots , we went home by cab !coz I was too tired !  I wanna drop her at a place just opposite her block ! Just cross the road will reach mah !!! But she insisted the taxi driver to turn a big turn to her house ! U know how much my taxi fare cost me that day ?? 48 dollars from sentosa to yishun leh ! Aiyo gal ! This amount of money can buy a lot of free gifts for my customers leh ! Aiyo my gosh !! What the ...........

7. Not sensitive ! 

Sum up here , is a joy shooting w her becoz I love all the pics ! My customers said the pics are pretty n thought I used a v exp camera to shoot her ! No Lah ! My iPhone five la! 

I foresee this young lady could be a popular model one day ! Do u know that usually what I foretell will come true ??90 percent will ! I have this gift from God Leh ! Hopefully she will remain humble when she reaches the  peak of her career ! Some people become arrogant when they gained fame leh ! :( 我看好她!希望当她成名的时候,不要忘记我!

K Lah , I shall stop here ! 
Wanna turn in for the night lehhh ! 


Sign off here 

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