Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My new website

Today was a funny day ! Hahaha why?? Wanna know why ? Recently I get to know of a Japanese frenz n all along I thought she was a female ! As u know male rarely sells items right ? So I sent out three apparels to my jap fren ,  a hello kitty cap, a shirt n a female wallet ! Then tonight , I was taken aback when I discovered that my jap fren was a male ! Omgggg ! This is so funny ! Hope he could give the items to his family members if he has one !

Anyway today I   had paid shopify to host my items on their server ! So u guys can view my launch there in future but don't forget this website as well okay ? Coz I love this blogspot too ! Actually I don't want to incur extra costs like this every month to host my website there but 没办法u guys always have difficulty viewing my blogspot for my launch ! 
My new website link is :) 

So do stay tune to my mini launch over there on 15.8.2014! 9.30pm! 

And I am also holding a flea on 23, 24 of August at junction ten from 11 am to 6pm! I will be there until 2.30pm while my helpers  will stay longer ! :) so do come down n support me ! I won't be there on 24 August but my helpers will be there ! 
I intend to sell diff types of cage bra at $8 each n all apparels at ???? each ! ! If u buy three apparels on that day , I will give u a small box of goodies !! Snacks n sweetsssss , may include Tokyo banana or kitkats too :) I really love the kitkats ! Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!! For the price of the apparels I m still deciding ! I will try to sell them at a cheap n affordable price !!! Will announce next Monday alright ? 

Hope to see u guys at junction 10 flea ! Maybe will invite plaaastic GG over ! She will be leaving Singapore end of the year ! Kinda sad huh when u know a new fren n he or she is going away ! 

Sign off here n nitezzzz 

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