Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy Mother Day

I guess many are celebrating Mother Day ! To those who had known me for a long time , I guess u know what happened last year ! Some are shocked that my mum had gone home w The Lord ! Should I say puzzled but I was too sad to pen down , to tell them the reasons !  Until today , my heart ached , ached at times ! 
 My mum is a wonderful lady ! She cooked n did everything for me ! She has been helping me to deliver my items at yishun mrt almost everyday while I was busy teaching ! I wanna employ someone to deliver but my mum offered to help me , she does not want me to spend extra money ... So many of u had seen my mum ! Almost everyday sitting at the mrt to meet my customers ! 

Last year in August , I came back from Korea after a biz trip ! My mum behaved totally diff ! She could not remember my name but she knows I am her daughter .... N her movement was slow ! I was baffled at her abrupt change ! I could not understand what exactly happened during my trip away ! I teared n worried much ! My bro then sent my mum for a check up n the doctor diagnosed that she had mild stroke n had to stay  in the hospital for some observations! But my mum cried n refused to be admitted ! She does not like the hospital ! So my bro said let her stay at home ! 

I could not work n teach well ! I cried almost everyday at my teaching place worrying for my mum ! From young I had fear of death ! Every night I prayed together w my mum for her speedy recovery ! Prayed to The Lord for complete healing ! I was glad my mum called upon Jesus :) I promised my mum I wiould quit my teaching in November n stayed at home to take care of her n just focus on my online biz ! But in September the tenth my mum was taken away from me ! That morning at six am , I was suddenly jolted out of my sleep by a loud thud  I ran to my mum's room but she wasn't there ! My heart sank ! Finally I found her on the washroom floor breathing hard ! She could not talk n half unconscious !  I panicked ! I cried to The Lord for help ! I could not carry my mum up from the floor ! I kept calling upon Jesus for help to wake her up but to no avail ! ! I ran to knock on my neighbors doors but no one 
Responded even when I pressed the door bell umpteen times ! for ur info I was  staying at lilydale in yishun ! Not even a neighbor responded can u imagine ? Are they fast asleep or are they selfish !!! Eventually I called the ambulance ! 

Unfortunately when my mum reached the hospital , she passed away in half an hour ! No words could describe my sadness on that day ! I asked God why why why ?? I wana spend time w my mum n He took her away !!! 

At times I blamed myself for not able to lift  my mum up ! I have no strength at all! U know how sad I am ! 

I just want to advise everyone  who is reading my post now ! Always spend time w ur parents coz they will not always be w u ! Hug them n kiss them ! Coz when they are gone , they are gone ! 

Mum , my dearest mum ! 
"Mum .... I love n miss u Vvv much ! My greatest regret is working too hard n did not spend much time w u when u are alive ! But I know u are in a better place , in perfect health now w Jesus Christ ! He will take better care of u than doctors or nurses on Earth day I will be reunited w u again ! "

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