Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Good start Bad End ?????

So I was damn excited when I received an email from the president of USA biggest candy company early yesterday morning ! I wrote them a mail early this year to purchase their candies in bulk but they replied that they do not ship to sg ! Their candies are unique n they are not sold in sg ! Receiving an email from owner of the company was a joy for a day start ! I wanna established a biz w them actually ! 

Unfortunately the rest of the day was bad ! Why? 
I was doing a favour for a friend who need some people for a commercial advert for a restaurant ! They promised food n drink for a night shoot whereby my friends are the main lead while the people whom I managed to get for him need only to eat n drink at the restaurant ! But it turned out horrible really horrible ! The place looks good for its ambience but the mosquitoes at the place is an irritant ! My followers are really steady n most of them turned up ! I met up w them at the mrt but I wasn't there at the restaurant becoz I was having a stomach cramp N sick after my east coast park filming ! Worse part is my customers/ followers only managed to get finger food n drink ! How to fill the stomach for dinner ? Is definitely not my friend's fault but the restaurant ! If they do not know how to bless people , how can they be blessed I wonder ! I am sorry to write this about the restaurant ! U guys know I am honest in speaking ! I really pitied my customers/ followers for suffering that freaking 3.5-4 hours of filming n their trip there ! 

To apologize for all this , I would like  to give those who turned up a buffet treat to the restaurant below to apologize personally ! Although it wasn't my fault , I am so disgusted about the whole thing that I found it a need to personally interact w u and apologize over a dinner :) my treat to u at ---kiseki restaurant 
To those who turned up yesterday , fix a date w me for a buffet lunch or dinner  here at orchard central  ! I will definitely be there to see u :) my treat for u alright :) 

Well I was also pissed for another thing at night when I reached home ! My bedroom door was locked n the key was inside ! Usually when my helper came to my house when I am not around  , I would usually lock my bedroom door! But yesterday damn it , I left the key inside ! So at ten plus the locksmith came n I had to pay that freaking 80 dollars for him to open my bedroom door ! Can u imagine my anger ? 

Well, in a nutshell, it was a bad day ! But I won't let this affect me for long ! For Christian believe that when God is about to bless us, to have a great plan for us, something good brewing , the Devil satan wil come in and dampen our spirits! But as we look up n lift our face at Jesus , He would definitely be there to solve n bless us ! He will turn everything bad to good again :) 

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