Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Launching Male apparels at Jet'aimeHaven

As u know for months I have been searching for an eligible male model.  I found one, but he is going to  the Army. So he would be bald and will be hard to pull off my clothings. For ur info my criteria for my male model is as follow: a) Korean look
                                       b) a smile that can kill (muahahahahaha)
                                       c) flair for fashion
                                       d) able to follow my instructions to take the desire pose for me himself
                                       e) height --tall

Many followers/friends whatsapp me their bfs or friends pics asking if they are eligible.  Unfortunately, they did not meet my criteria. Someone actually introduced me to Leon which is my first male model and also my desired one. His name was SwaggyLeon then on instagram. I look thru his pics n his dance..  and found him not bad looking.  So i followed him sometimes back.  He does not have any info on his email n neither does he have a contact number. so i just brushed off the idea of setting up a male blogshop.

But Recently,  i was looking at Tintedsouls_ pic on instagram. So Leon in the pic captured my attention. He looks cute n certain pics depict him as a mature person. "Not bad this guy... so i click on his name and found that he was actually swaggyleon .But he has changed his name to intoxication_. omg... the same person  whom i have earlier spotted on. "cool"

So i sponsored Cheryl(tinted souls) n leon a chrome heart jacket each and they modeled the clothing very well for me. Then an idea struck me. Finally, I made up my mind to get Leon to model my male clothings.  So i have set up "Jet'aimeHaven" on Instagram.  It will be a shop that sells male clothings, couple clothing as well as some bags n wallets. Thanks God for His perfect Timing.

Stay tune to this coming Sunday Mini Launch. Do support!

Velle (owner of LovelyItems)

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